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Thread: Was this guy drunk???? GDG

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    Senior Member Bud Bass's Avatar
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    wasilla alaska

    Default Was this guy drunk???? GDG

    Went out for dinner tonight, just after turning on the highway saw that the Troppers had a customer pulled over up ahead.......

    When approching I saw a gas nozzel sticking in the guys gas tank, with 3 people standing around......"Oh good, just ran out of gas" was the first thought passing through my mind.

    As we drove past, I saw one of the two Alaska State Troopers was holding the other end of the gas hose up in front of his face examing it. I realized "he's not out of gas, he drove off with the gas hose still going in his car".

    Come to think about it, i've never seen anybody get gas from a gas pump along side the highway. Bud
    Bud Bass, aka akblackdawg

    "Your life today is a result of your attitude and the decisions you made yesterday. Your life tomorrow will be the result of your attitude and the decisions you make today." unknown

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    Senior Member Juli H's Avatar
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    The coldest part of Alaska


    OMG - that is pretty funny...you're sure it wasn't a green jeep cherokee?

    God answers prayers all the time. Even the ones we don't know we asked. God is Good (always)

    "There are only two ways to live your life.
    One is as though nothing is a miracle.
    The other is as though everything is a miracle."

    - Albert Einstein

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    Senior Member Furball's Avatar
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    What's sad is my dad did that a few years ago, got in the car and started driving with the dadgum nozzle still stuck in the car. The hose ripped out of the top of the pump station, swung down and gave the rear quarter panel a good sized dent. Dad had to pay to fix that AND the hose. I have never once made fun of him for all of this -- I am saving it as my trump card when I really need to use it!!!

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    Senior Member Julie R.'s Avatar
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    Orlean VA


    I probably shouldn't admit this but, I drove off once with the nozzle still in my truck. I was en route to meet a client who is the one that pointed out to me I had a nozzle and section of hose attached to my truck.

    The really bad part was I was good friends with the family that owned the gas station/country store and driving back there to 'fess up after the apointment was one of the hardest things I'd ever done. Not to mention I had visions of a geyser of gas bubbling out of the crater by the pump where the hose was once attached.

    They were very nice about it and didn't even charge me for the repair. And yes even though this was 20 years ago the pumps even then had a mechanism for morons like me that shuts them off if the nozzle or hose is abruptly yanked off.

    The worst part was I've always been a sort of oblivious driver if people honk and wave at me and the few times I tried to smile and wave back it would be some lecherous old weeny wagger so I mostly ignore anyone that honks and waves at me. A lot of people honked and waved that day including nearly everyone I knew that I passed on the road guffawing at the nozzle/hose hanging out of my truck and I still hear about to this day even though it happened in 1989.

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    Senior Member DSemple's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Julie R. View Post
    and the few times I tried to smile and wave back it would be some lecherous old weeny wagger
    Hey there are more than a few of us here that resemble that remark!
    Just for the record I have very fine dogs. Some of the best in the whole country....or at least on my own end of the block.

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