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Thread: kennel surface

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    Default kennel surface

    I have a kennel set up at the lake for my dog. Last year it worked fine just in the grass, but this year it's already wore down to dirt. I know concreting it would be best, but it doesn't look like that's going to be possible this year. Any suggestions on other materials to use? I was thinking about just using #9 gravel with a weed barrier underneath, but someone else reccomended a course mulch. Thanks!

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    Depending on the size of the kennel you could use those "Kennel Decks" or make the floor out of wood.

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    You could put down 12"x12" patio blocks or buy 4'x6' stall mats.
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    I have a 10x10 kennel for my yellow lab. I put paving blocks down. They cost just as much as cement, but without the hastle of having to use forms and worry about pouring concrete. The really nice part is if the dog spends any long lenght of time on the concrete it will wear his nails down. 3 months and no clipping! You migth want to make sure that the area is in the shade, those blocks do heat up just like concrete (I am in Louisiana, so you can imagine). I would not recommend mulch, if it is course ground my pup like to pick up a piece and chew, not a good habit I want to perpetuate. Same thing with wood, in my experience it just gives them another chewing surface..... Just my opinion.

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