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Thread: HEAT help please!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ducknwork View Post
    It is pretty hot in the garage and her crate is small. Plus she would be in there all day without being able to get out to use the bathroom. I would feel like that would be cruel, but perhaps I am thinking about it wrong?
    Can't you put her in the laundry room or some similar room? How about putting her with a local boarding kennel you trust who will keep her isolated? Leaving her in the kennel is asking for trouble.

    By the way, the URL you are pointing to has a pretty offensive title in the actual URlL You might just want to erase that?
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    I have 3 fertile mertiles at home

    #1 Keep in house and always keep an eye on them. We diaper the dog .. they need to get use to a diaper
    #2 ? Never noticed a smell .....
    #3 yep
    #4 Run last .. dog in heat messes the boys up
    #4 Let other training partners know so you can keep all the males crated
    #5 you'll know, also they act differently sometimes wierd ..
    Other ... sometimes they may show signs of a false pregnancy .. teets grow ... hormones surge I guess
    Joe B.

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    I am not going to try to tell you how to keep your female unimpregnated!

    I have an isolation pen seperate from our regular kennel. It has concrete floor, is 3 pens 4feet by 12 feet of 6 foot heavy ga. chain link. It has a metal roof suported by vertical 2X4's resting on top of the pipe around the top of the runs. Above the gate (6 foot) to the 2X4 above the gate was 5 inches. (I've been known to misjudge distance, so I went out with a tape measure and measured it just now).

    My good friend, Wayne Herring, had a beautiful male stud named Camo that I was going to breed to my female (who was inside the above described pen) when the time became right. Wayne and Camo were visiting one day and we missed Camo. We went to the isolation pen to find Camo climbing the 6 foot gate, sticking his head between the top pipe above the gate and the roof 2X4 and as I opened the outside gate, pitched on over into the pen with my female. She was not quite ready, but evidently Camo was. We remove him gently from the area and checked him over for scrapes or cuts. There were non. He was just a super sexy fellow on a mission. Incidently, camo weighed at least 75 pounds.

    He did the proper deed two days later resulting in a nice litter. Had I not seen this feat of his I would not have believed it could have happened. Then I never could have believed that a mouse could get through a crack in a container that they do. Live and learn, Bill
    'Show up for work, do the best job you can and treat others the way you would like to be treated'

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    If you keep her in a crate why can't you keep the crate in the house where it is cool?
    Jeannie Greenlee

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