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Thread: Tired of PC BS

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    Default Tired of PC BS

    I almost had to laugh yesterday when I read a story about a guy robbing a local Circle K. Below is the description printed by our local paper. What is missing from this description? Can anyone guess? Come on, now it is not that hard……

    The suspect is described as a male in his 20s, with dark hair, gold teeth, and wearing a long black shirt with long jean shorts. His shirt had an image of a skeleton on it. He was also wearing black gloves and a black hat.

    Our local paper decided some time ago that they would no longer use race in their descriptions because it is racist. Does anyone disagree that giving a race IS a big help in finding someone. Is it easier to find someone described as 6’ 1” 210 pounds, dark hair, wearing…. Or do you eliminate a whole bunch of people if you add….”a black male” or “a white female” or a “Hispanic …”
    Just another example of how our press has lost its dignity.
    I will give the paper some slack in that they were sued a while back because they ran a weekly feature of the counties most wanted and well….most of them were black. I cannot remember if it was the naacp or who, but someone took them to task for running a list put out by law enforcement agencies that listed the most wanted felons in the county.
    (note; local TV not only mentioned his race but showed pictures of the suspect)
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    Next thing you know, they'll take issue with what the definition of "is" is....oh, wait....been there, done that....

    Deja vu all over again regards,

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