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Thread: Other dog skills ... GDG

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    Senior Member Colonel Blimp's Avatar
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    Default Other dog skills ... GDG

    Standing chatting to a chum in the village pub car park today I saw something I thought was long dead and gone ... a dog taking the daily newspaper home. In our tiny Welsh village the tradition lives on seemingly.

    It used to be a common sight in the city (Birmingham) just after WWII; Faithful Fido (usually a Heinz 57) trotting along the pavement with a daily paper in his mouth.

    The folk in the newsagents shop knew that when Mrs Murphy's dog dropped by he was calling for a copy of "The Express" and Mr Jones' little bitch required a "Daily Mirror".

    When I was a young shift foreman in GKN Smethwick, a (single) guy with an impeccable time keeping record turned in about 2 hours late; "Sorry Boss, the dog never woke me up"!

    What other doggy skills have you seen?

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    Senior Member Pattie's Avatar
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    Mine doesn't go to the store but every morning on our way back from the barn Chaos gets the paper from where ever it may have landed that morning.

    If the paper is late she sits and watches out the door until it arrives.

    My 1 year old Pasta loves to remind you that you are cooking in the kitchen. Each appliance has an alert sound and she knows which sound belongs to what too. It's pretty funny.

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    Senior Member Sue Kiefer's Avatar
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    My "Goldens" are good pooppicker uppers!!Puppies shread their own newspapers before I put them in their crates.
    Old dog cleans up the floor after my young son eats.
    The rest of the gang bark like H#ll when someone pulls into the driveway.
    One would thing I have it made.

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    Don't know if this is a skill, a sport, a trick or what, but Scout "skateboards" on the dust pan. He holds the handle in his mouth, puts both front feet on the "blade" and pushes of with his hind legs and skates all over the hard wood floors in our house. It is hilarious to watch, but not so good on the floors.

    Indy picks up anything I drop, being a spoon in the kitchen or my transmitter in the field. He has even picked up and given me my car keys!
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    Helen will get my laundry out of the dryer and pick up anything amiss around the house. Last night she brought me a stack of paper hand gun targets that got dropped by the front door.

    Archer bathes the Siamese cat. Amazingly the cat seems to enjoy the attention, but looks really funny with a wet head.

    Never say never . . . never say always . . . know when to say when.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Blimp View Post
    It used to be a common sight in the city (Birmingham) just after WWII; Faithful Fido (usually a Heinz 57) trotting along the pavement with a daily paper in his mouth.
    The pink or Sunday Sport being papers of cherce for the pedigreed, Eug?

    Though, if I may prognosticate, one has to think the Ashes result is likely to put them off delivery for a while...


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    Senior Member Bullet's Avatar
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    Clear Lake, Iowa


    We camp a lot and I hate getting up to get another beer out of the cooler. I taught my dog to "fetch beer". It was really easy to do. At first she did not even punture the can but now I have to put can coolers on the top row of beers in the cooler and she will go and get me one. The only problem is that she will not stop until I tie her up. I have a video of it....I will see if I can post it somewhere. Everyone at the campground gets a kick out of it!

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    Senior Member kindakinky's Avatar
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    In the off chance I might buy a spinning wheel, my dogs shed a lot of hair.

    J. Marti

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    Various pups thru the years have managed to pick up women for me , no matter how many times I tell them no.

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