Pet Airways -- Has anyone used this service?
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Thread: Pet Airways -- Has anyone used this service?

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    Default Pet Airways -- Has anyone used this service?

    I just saw this today. (I did a search on RTF, but didn't find a thread. I hope I'm not duplicating one.) There's an airline just for dogs and cats called Pet Airways. Has anyone used this service? Looks like it would make shipping animals much safer. Granted, you’d need to be close to one of the cities they service, but it looks like they’re intending to expand locations over time. Dogs and cats fly in the main cabin and are looked after by “trained” attendants. Anyone familiar with it?

    Web site:

    MSNBC story:


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    We used Continental last time and they were great. The pup was at the office all safe and secure well before the hour delay I was told could happen between the airport and the office.
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    Thanks for finding the thread for me. Sorry for the duplication.


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    I saw on TV today that they are booked solid for the next two months. A little competition never hurt anyone.

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    The small size limits rule out labs in the cabin on most airlines.

    The part about service dogs always being allowed in the cabin brought an ethical issue. What prevents someone from having a "service dog"?

    This is per the SDA website:
    "Disabled people with service animals must be allowed access to all public accomodations. This right takes precedence over all state and local laws which might otherwise prohibit animals in those places.

    Establishments must never ask disabled guests to show proof of disability -- or require proof that their service animals are somehow "certified." Nor can they restrict disabled guests and their service animals to certain areas.

    Establishements may reject a service animal if it is agressive, unsafe or disruptive (e.g., excessive or prolonged barking).

    Service animal owners may also be charged for any damages caused by them or their service animals."

    Abuse of the system seems fairly easy. Get your dog a vest and you are done. Other than saying "Karma is a mean SOB" and "hell is very hot", what really prevents someone from doing this?

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    I got my pup from Arizonia, we used Continental no problems.

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    My baby just arrived a few weeks ago, and he was literally flown from one end of the country to the other. I live in Delaware, and he came from Washington State. We used Delta, and he arrived safe, happy, and healthy. He had water in his bowls when I picked him up.

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