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Thread: You can't make this stuff up <GDG>

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    Default You can't make this stuff up <GDG>,2933,...est=latestnews

    "These poor snakes found themselves in an unfortunate situation and should be treated as humanely as possible".

    I'm thinking that my Rewmington SP10 with the newly fitted belt feed (in preparation for the 2009 Master National in Tejas) is prolly as humane as any.

    Hands in the air you snake looking rascal regards

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    I hate snakes. I understand the ecological importance of them but I still can do without the poisonous and non-native ones. May them meet the business end of my Extrema.

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    I think a quick death to them all is dealing with them "in the most humane way possible." Maybe PETA could go out and try to hamanely capture them and end up like the 2 year old.
    Dan Boerboon

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    the python is an invasive species in Florida and needs to be eliminated, even though its theoretically impossible. an invasive species will upset the ecological balance because in this case the python has no natural enemies, and if unchecked will eventually eliminate another species that it uses as a food source
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    100,000 pythons estimated to be in the Everglades so breeding populations have already been established. Once again PETA has their agenda all messed up. Regardless of whether a ban is in place or not, the critters are breeding and their population will continue to grow unchecked as long as the food resources remain high.
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    First, this just shows you the stupidity and ignorance of the people who run PETA. If they really wanted to help, they'd go after the exotic animal trade itself. It's the idiot losers (and it seems they are always losers living in their mothers' basements that have the things) who buy pythons and other exotic reptiles. Then, when the things get too big to handle and/or feed, these morons let them go like nothing could go wrong. Does no one remember the python in the trailer park in Florida that was eating the neighborhood dogs and cats? As I recall, it took a dozen officers to carry out the snake that was living under a trailer. If the Florida legislature had any sense, they would pass a resolution right away allowing the hunting/eradication of any non-indigenous snake/reptile species.

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