What's it worth ???
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Thread: What's it worth ???

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    Default What's it worth ???

    OK. To keep the math simple we'll say someone bought a remote training "widget"for a $1,000 w/free shipping and used it infrequently for a while, took good care of it while they owned it, but now they want to sell it...... condition= almost new but out of warranty

    I'm looking for a good used "widget". What percent of the original purchase price should one expect to pay for used out of warranty training electronics?

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    750 to 800.00. Or "best offer".
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    Somewhere between 100% and 0%.

    Market conditions, supply and demand, history of particular widget condition over time, technology and marketing advancements (is version 3.0 on the market and you're considering version 1.0), popularity/reputation of particular brand of widget... The list goes on.

    In the end, the price is what the market will bear. Lablover's assumption of 75% for training electronics could be dead-on.

    My observation on RTF classifieds is that this stuff seems to move rather quickly - so the market apparently has a need for used electronics with a discount over new.


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    "Out of warranty" is the issue for this widget.

    The fact that it had limited use and was well cared for is relevant.

    But what is the age of the widget? The number of years beyond warranty is also relevant.

    Considering the likelihood or unlikelihood of a needed repair due to age and care and maintenance, and the fact that a repair would be out of pocket --

    Very old? $600. Relatively young? $800.
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    I would be inclined to look at the difference in real dollars of purchasing either a new or a reconditioned "widget" with a warranty against the "savings" afforded with the purchase of a "used" widget.

    My concern would be MY definition of "used" and the seller's definition of "used"....and all of the degrees in between....

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    Some widgets are in higher demand than others and therefore worth more. I'd take a look at e-bay to see if I can find something similar to what you have. then take my best guess.
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    It depends on the widget manufacturer also. Is it a reputable company? Are they still in business? If it needs replacement parts are they available? Even widgets that are stored and kept up nicely some of the parts can deteriorate with age. Electronic parts if old can be more difficult and expensive to replace or even find if out of date.
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    Now I wish I had never sold my widget
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    My sister got 3-5 for selling (renting actually) hers.

    Widgets is kewl regards

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    I have 3 widgets, 2 of which are antiques. Any chance the antique ones will go up in value?

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