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Thread: Colorado Dog Trainers- Chatfield and Cherry Creek State Parks

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    Default Colorado Dog Trainers- Chatfield and Cherry Creek State Parks

    I am urging everyone to show up at one of these meetings. This is a one time chance to get WATER and LAND to train on in the Denver Metro area. We are asking everyone to dress nice and wear a blaze orange or camo cap to ID ourselves as sportsmen.

    Tim Metzger, (303) 690-1166, Keith Kahler, (303) 791-7275

    Deb Frazier, (303) 866-3203, ext. 4342,

    This news release is also available at
    For immediate release: July 14, 2009

    Public Comment Sought in Process for Cherry Creek and Chatfield State Parks Dog Training Areas

    LITTLETON - The dog training areas at Chatfield State Park and Cherry Creek State Park, created for training dogs used in hunting, have become popular with other dog owners as off-leash areas for walking and exercising their pets. Both areas have become crowded and the sport dog owners have been displaced.
    The heavy use of these areas by dog walkers has also lead to public safety issues, natural resource damages and conflicts with other users.
    The managers at Cherry Creek State Park and Chatfield State Park have developed a three-phase process to assess, plan, and implement a revised management strategy for the areas to protect the public, the resources, and minimize user conflicts. The overall goal is to develop a plan that is sustainable and results in a safe, high quality experience for all park visitors while protecting the natural resources.
    The assessment phase, including scientific studies on wildlife habitat, water quality and natural resources damage, has recently been completed. Before the managers at both parks begin the next phase, which involves developing management alternatives, they are seeking public comment on the resource assessments.
    To review the different studies and surveys, visit, go to the Cherry Creek State Park page,, or the Chatfield State Park page,, and link to the dog training area process. Please provide us your comments on theassessment phase of the process at: addition, each park has scheduled an open house so the public may ask additional questions or talk with a staff member. There will be no formal presentations. The Cherry Creek State Park open house will be held Monday, July 27, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Cherry Creek High School west cafeteria. Chatfield State Park’s open house will be held on Tuesday, July 28, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Visitor Center. See the parks’ websites for the addresses, additional information and directions.
    The public comments and other information will be used by park management to draft several management alternatives for the future use of the two sport dog training areas.
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    I would like to take a minute to give a HUGE Thank You to Losthwy!!

    This guy has been relentless, giving speaches and working extra hard for everyone in Colorado that has a working dog!! He is tireless in his pursuit for recovery of decent training grounds for us all!!

    A Huge Hats Off to Brian!!

    Thanks SO,So, much for your hard work!!

    It is far easier to spit on the work of others than it is to produce something better yourself.
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    Ditto to what Gooser has said. Brian has worked his arse off getting this project off the ground.

    Good for you Brian

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    Wow, good to know, thanks for all that you do Brian. I will definitely make one of the meetings!

    Take care

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    I'll definately make the Cherry Creek meeting. Thanks Losthwy for keeping us informed.


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    Bring everyone you can to the open houses wearing camo/orange caps. Tell ALL your hunting/dog training friends. This is our ONE bite at this apple. This is for a permanent, public area with WATER and LAND to train our dogs in the Metro Denver Area.
    What its prominence suggest, and what all science confirms is that the dog is a creature of the nose- A. Horowitz.

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