Dealing with loss
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Thread: Dealing with loss

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    Default Dealing with loss

    My heart is breaking right now and the tears just won’t stop. I just got a phone call from Todd letting me know that they have lost Joy. I’ll never forget the happiness that Joy brought to Todd, Lisa and the kids. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. They are all so heartbroken.

    Ebony & Ivory’s Joy of Joy’s, JH

    5/2/2000 – 7/29/2009

    Sire: FC-AFC Webshire’s Honest Abe
    Dam: Saltmarsh Judds Shadow Babe, MH

    Owner/Handler: Todd Williams

    From Todd’s write up of Joy’s Biography for the Retriever Demos in 2003

    Joy, a 3 yr old black female Labrador Retriever, is the “Princess” of the training group….for obvious reasons (she’s black), and always gets preferential treatment from Vicky. Vicky always has room in her kennel for Joy J Joy comes from a long line of outstanding retrievers, including NFC Webshire’s Honest Abe, Ebony & Ivory and Saltmarch Judd’s Shadow Babe, MH. Todd purchased Joy when she was 10 months old to be a companion dog for Jessie, but little did he know…Joy is a voracious retriever in a “plain black wrapper”! Joy is great in the boat and in the blind and there is nothing she won’t do to earn a chance to retrieve. Joy earned her AKC Junior Hunter title and can’t wait to go after her Senior Hunter title. Joy is obedient, jealous, spoiled rotten, loves to steal the ball from Jessie and will do anything to please. Joy’s favorite TV show is “Duck Hunting with Eli Haydel” on the OLN.



    Why is it so hard to lose these dogs that get to our hearts? Why do we end up doing it all over again? Why????

    Not even my own dog and I can't seem to come to grips with this loss. Todd started out as one of my clients and quickly became a best friend. I helped him find Joy to join the family ad their yellow Lab, Jessie. I joined in the family's happiness when she was bred to my boy, Bopp, and produce a wonderful litter.

    I remember the dove and goose hunts we went on and Joy's enthusiasm in retrieving. She loved Todd so very much.

    For the life of me, I can't imagine her gone.
    RTF ADMIN "You'll Cry"
    Training is not science, it is art. A blend of this, a measure of that, a deep breath at the appropriate moment and always a loving touch.

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    Senior Member Mike W.'s Avatar
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    My condolences to you and the owners. Very pretty dog and one that was clearly special.

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    Senior Member kindakinky's Avatar
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    When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.
    Kahlil Gibran

    You are sorrowful because Joy delighted you. We can only truly mourn what we have truly loved.

    J. Marti

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    Senior Member Jake Sullivan's Avatar
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    Very sorry to hear
    Apple Creeks Black Nickel

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    Our beloved dogs offer us undying love and devotion, with hearts so big they have the capacity to love us, all of our faults, and everything their world has to offer.

    When they leave us, they have yet again taught us about that undying love, the huge capacity to love, and that allows us to open our hearts once again to other canine companions.

    Would the world without our beloved dogs be quite so special? I don't believe so....

    My condolences on your loss and to Joy's owners... Joy certainly taught her humans about how deep love can be..... Godspeed Joy. Your humans certain loved you.

    FC Tribute to Justice, JH "Honor"
    FC AFC Contempt of Court "Ruckus"
    Medal Of Honor, QAA "Valor"
    HRCH Kirby's High Sierra, SH, QAA "Kirby"
    Feb. 19, 2002 - Aug. 14, 2014
    HRCH Niki Snowbird, SH, QAA "Niki"
    July 22, 2001 - May 11, 2015
    Southland Order In the Court, QAA "Gavel" July 17, 2002- March 24, 2013
    Southland Rusty Nail - derby points, qual placements "Rusty"
    Disoderly Conduct "Chaos" -qual placements

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    Quote Originally Posted by kindakinky View Post
    When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.
    Kahlil Gibran

    You are sorrowful because Joy delighted you. We can only truly mourn what we have truly loved.

    J. Marti
    It cannot be said any better than that.

    Vicky, I am sorry for your loss and for everyone else who loved her. It is obvious that she was well loved which is about all a dog can ask.
    HRCH UH "Boomer" MH
    UH HR "Hunter" SH (RIP)

    "When you go to a test or a trial, your dog should be underwhelmed." ~ Evan Graham

    "It is unreasonable to expect a dog to be more precise than you are." ~ Rex Carr

    "You own what you condone." ~ Mike Lardy

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    Kristie Wilder


    I'm so sorry, Vicky... (and my condolences to Joy's family and friends, also). I guess all we can do is compare the pain of the loss with what life would have been without them in the first place... Doesn't make it any easier, though. It's too bad they can't all just live and die right with us...

    Godspeed, sweet Joy!!!


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    Jul 2008


    So sorry to hear that.

    I think somebody around here said it before.

    Dogs don't live any longer than they do because God knows it would hurt too much to say goodbye if they did.
    Stray labs make great pets.
    Proud member of the FF society.

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    Senior Member Chris Atkinson's Avatar
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    Please accept my sincerest condolences to Todd, yourself, Will, Todd's family and everyone else who was touched by Joy.

    She clearly left her mark, which means she did her job.

    Good girl Joy! easy girl in the plain black wrapper.


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    I"m so, so ,sorry,for you and Joys Family!

    Please accept a Hug from me and pass it along to all!!

    Your buddy


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