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Thread: What have we learned in 2063 yrs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dnf777 View Post
    I am not a paid publicist or campaign strategist for any political entity, and as such will not spend inordinate amounts of time on this, especially when I acknowledge I cannot recall a specific source. Right. You've made nearly 500 posts in less than two months. Somehow I'm thinking that an "inordinate amount of time" doing anything is not much of an issue for you. But if you ask me, and you didn't, I would think being factually accurate, or hell, at least making an effort to be factually accurate, would be important to a scientist like yourself. If a non-right-wing-extremist said it hurts to get kicked in the groin, you would not believe it until a randomized-controlled double-blinded study, reported by FoxNews came out complete with proper citations, so I won't pretend to live up to your standards. My day job requires such diligence, not friendly political banter.

    Besides, like the 'fossil' thread revealed, when facts contrary to the agenda are produced and cited, they are dismissed as fallacy, or just ignored, so there's no utility in the time spent. Why shouldn't everyone ignore your "facts" when you've just explained that you don't have the time, energy, desire or obligation to assure that your "facts" are accurate? And then when you're inaccuracy is pointed out, you offer no mea culpas or bother to correct your mistatement.

    Enjoy that sandwich, Always. Thanks.
    I'll take the river down to still water and ride a pack of dogs.

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    I was about to respond in kind to the false accusations you levy, and point out some other inaccuracies, but really have more pleasant things to do, and don't want to get into a personal match on this forum, so I'll just enjoy a sandwich also.

    Have a good one.
    God Bless PFC Jamie Harkness. The US Army's newest PFC, but still our neighbor's little girl!

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