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Thread: Big Pharma and the AG

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    Senior Member Raymond Little's Avatar
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    Default Big Pharma and the AG

    Guess this is the Hope and Change we were promised before the election.
    Check the date of this article 12/08 and we are just now hearing about our AG's deferred compensation from Merck. Guess what?, our new AG was also a lobbyist for former DNC Chairman's Global Crossing venture which predates Enron.

    Transparency Regards
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    The same Attoreney General that is refusing to investigate the crooks known as ACORN.

    When all is said and done, this current administration will probably go down as the most corrupt administration in our history!
    Libertarians tend to be self-reliant individualists. That may be what I like most about Libertarians. It may also be what keeps us a small minority. We prefer to keep the power to decide for ourselves and provide for ourselves. Libertarian blogger

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    They've got a heckuva head start on that distinction...and they've been in office not even a year....

    We have met the enemy and he is us regards,

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