Grady/ Pirate/ Shaq?
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Thread: Grady/ Pirate/ Shaq?

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    Senior Member allydeer's Avatar
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    Default Grady/ Pirate/ Shaq?

    just wanted to ask for your input on these studs. who would you pic a pup from? i no that the dam has to do with it too . just lets say you have a good dam you like.

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    I would go to gooddoginfo and plug in the mythical dam to each of these studs and see what it looks like on paper, the three studs you mentioned are world class but they may match up better with certain bloodlines as opposed to others...Grady seems to have come on like gangbusters the last year , so it may be another full season till we see the impact of his progeny
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    i don't know much about temperament of any of the studs, but would certainly consider it as it mixes with the temperament of my bitch. a dam i like may be really soft and not mix well with a stud that throws softer pups. a dam i like may be too high wired for your likes and may not mix well with a high wired stud. you know.

    so a better question may be what are temperaments like since you know titles are similar. and describe your bitch better. it ain't all about what's on paper, though that's a good start.
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    Senior Member DMA's Avatar
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    Haven't seen any Grady pups running out here but really like the Shaq and Pirate pups I have seen. Hope to have a litter later this year.

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    Senior Member LESTER LANGLEY's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Monroe, La


    I have a new puppy Shaq X FC AFC Chavez/FC AFC Showthyme bitch. Unfortunately, only 7 weeks old, so I can't tell you much.

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    Senior Member Labs's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Mayer, MN


    I have a Pirate X GMHR TNT Drifters Blast of Kyanne nine weeks old she is already completing water retrieves...has very good drive...we will see how things progress but I'm very pleased....

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    Senior Member Mark Chase's Avatar
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    I have seen and trained with 3 pups out of grady's first litter. One is on the derby list and QAA at 22 months, the other two have only run 2 derbies to date that I know of and have finished both of them receiving Jams. I can speak for the one who is on the list and QAA. Up to 6 months old he was a very good marker, very tractable and smart (for a puppy). I can't comment on the other dogs you listed, but I would not hesitate to think about using Grady as a stud if he matched up with the bloodlines of the female I was going to breed!
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    Senior Member Vicki Worthington's Avatar
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    Regardless of how talented and successful the individual dogs are, it remains to be seen how much talent and success the can produce. There have been wonderful dogs in the past that were bred to many very good females and failed to produce as expected.

    To choose a stud dog, I would look at what he has produced, not what he has done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DMA View Post
    Haven't seen any Grady pups running out here but really like the Shaq and Pirate pups I have seen. Hope to have a litter later this year.
    I just offered a HT Pro a good chunk of change for a young Grady female but, his client didn't want to sell her and my Shaq youngster is looking good too. I haven't seen any Pirate youngsters yet.
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    Senior Member Loren Crannell's Avatar
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    My Grady pup is almost a year and is finally getting down to business. Incredible marker, great personality, and just a lovely animal. He was extremely sensitive at first and that was because the dam was also a sensitive (not soft) dog. Never the less, he is doing great now and will be running derby in the near future.

    For history, the dam was also bred to Chopper and a couple of those pups are on the derby list. This dam needed more top end to breed well, but I am very happy with my Grady pup and will never sell him.

    I've seen some Shaq dogs just do great things on marks and blinds. I would probably breed to him before Grady because my dam is sensitive but also a high roller. I've heard that Shaq produces very well balanced dogs.

    I've personally seen Pirate run since my dogs are also trained by Patopea. I have never seen a pup though so cannot say much about how he produces.

    Like the others have said, it's all about breeding out the bad traits, and every dog has some, and enhancing the strenghts through breeding.


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