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Thread: Anal glands

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    Default Anal glands

    I know some people will get mad about this post because it doesn't have anything to do about retrieving. I've taken my pup to the vet because of anal gland secretion and so we had them expressed. I've done it myself a few times too. Does anyone else have this problem with their dog and what do they do to prevent it? It might be the worst smell I've ever smelled in my entire life. I hope I'm not alone on this.

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    Some dogs are worse than others. Its something to keep an eye on as far as impacted or infected. My male chessie is a leaky one, I had a female beagle that had to be expressed often as hers were always full. With her I did switch foods and it seemed to help some.

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    Thankfully she isn't "scooting" across the floor but I've tried to add some pumpkin to get her more fiber but that hasn't quite worked yet.

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    I've got a small dog (shi t'zu/yorkie) and she has anal gland issues. About once a month I grab the rubber gloves and lubricating jelly. It is no picnic and I feel like I'm betraying her each time I do it. However, it is necessary and we can physically see the relief it gives her. Plus, it cuts down on the scooting. The smell is bad, but considering I only have to deal with it when I express her it's worth it.
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    If your dog does not have very solid poops, that can contribute to the problem. Some foods just don't produce hard poops. I recently switched to Victor Hi Pro Plus and have had the most solid poops among all my dogs than with any other food. It has helped decrease the scooting behavior of the two dogs we have that do it.
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    I am feeding PPP 30/20 and she has solid poops, but they are not very big. She does have pretty small stools, so maybe that isn't clearing the glands each time she goes.

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