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Thread: A Doctor's Percription

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    Quote Originally Posted by code3retrievers View Post
    I now see where you get your perspective!
    I see a broad range of diseases, some minor, some lethal. I treat people with and without insurance or ability to pay. I have family conferences regarding end of life care and dying wishes. So yes, I do have a perspective on much of the ballyhoo that has been propogated by the pro-insurance company protestors. If a lawyer sits down with a family to do estate planning and wills, he gets paid handsomely. I sit down for longer periods of time, discuss MUCH more personal and heart-wrenching issues, not to mention the complexities, and am NOT expected to be compensated for my time. It's just a freebee. The new health bill included reimbursement for that time, and I appreciated that. But it was labeled as "death panels", and was removed. Thankyou.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JDogger View Post
    So...KG. Snopes is now to be trusted? Yes, the article was published. But are we to trust the editorial board of a publication such as the "American Thinker" anymore than we trust the editorial board of an other blog, such as say, the "Daily Kos"?

    The internet is replete with opinions both true and false.

    Truth, with a capital 'T' is absolute, and does not require interpretation. Example; All things living now, will die. Truth. Cut and dry. No arguement.

    truth, with a lower case 't' is open to wide interpretation. What is true and not true can vary greatly from one's perspective.

    My point is, that things presented on the internet blogs as 'Truth', (capital 'T'), may only be 'truths' (lower case) because they are subjective, and are derived from points of view that may be open to varying interpretation.



    Just gotta love an admonition about Truth/truth coming from a Clintonista.

    Hellsbells, Hugh, your greatest leader had problems with two-lettered words, like: is.

    I second the suggestion...knock yourself out.

    When the one you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

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    I worked in healthcare (registered medical technologist) for 35 years. I saw waste, CYO tests, really bad medical decisions in the ER, and failure of reimbursement for 2 years of Medicare billing because of billing glitches to the govt. IMHO, without tort reform none of the waste and CYO testing will stop, and the increased paperwork and headache of reimbursement or non-payment will put healthcare providers into the red and they can only figure out so many ways to try and generate a profit while they are pounding their workers into the ground by being over-worked because they cut down on employees and give them so many hats to wear. Then they get less qualified employees who are fast tracked into positions and the remaining health care workers have to spend their time picking up after them and correcting their mistakes while teaching. Get burnt out-yes, I did, big time. I walked away from the stress that was finally affecting my health. Most of us had stomach problems, migraines, aggravation of existing conditions or new problems generated by stress, and going to work was going into a war zone. The most responsible people were leaving in droves. I may be broke, but I feel better, and everytime I think about going back I get nightmares, and this is not an exhaggeration. I can't even imagine what would happen with Obamacare. I hope I can stick with my self employed health insurance premiums and not have to wait for essential care like they do in Sweden, Finland, Canada, the UK and everywhere else that has socialized medicine where only the independently wealthy can go somewhere else to get fixed.
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    Yeah, I got off topic last night. Back to healthcare reform.


    It's on the internet so it's true.

    There is a new group on Facebook that is meant to poke fun at the hypocrisy of the conservative argument that a public option for health care is socialism. The group is called 1 Million Strong Against our SOCIALIST Fire Departments. Here's the groups stated premise:

    For too long now, fire departments across the United States have been socialist organizations, resulting in taxes on the American people.

    FACT: Most Americans never use the socialized services of the fire department. The Obama administration has been very clear about keeping the status quo when it comes to taxpayer-funded fire departments.

    It is time to open the fire department up to private industry. We have the best fire departments in the world in the US, but that doesn't mean that anyone (even non-US citizens) should be able to dial up and have fires put out, etc. There are private companies (Halliburtion, Etc.) who could step in tomorrow and take over every fire department in America and charge the consumer directly.


    "Better DEAD than fire truck RED."

    Awesome right? I started thinking more about this premise. If Hannity and Beck continuously tout that government is essentially the root of all evil, then why are they not against the privatization of fire departments, libraries, police departments, the entire school system, the national weather service, the national parks system, the national highway system, or the Food and Drug Administration. According to their logic, fire protection is not explicitly in the Constitution, therefore it should be left to private business. Liberals maintain that health care is a right. Conservatives maintain it is a privilege. Well, is fire protection a right?

    Prior to the 20th century, many of the fire departments in major metropolitan areas were managed by "fire brigades". Independent organizations that were paid through insurance companies if the owner of that property could afford fire coverage (fire coverage in the since of actual firefighters, not fire coverage to insure stuff that may be lost in a fire). Shortly after the Civil War many of the major cities like Boston and New York began to make their fire departments government run, insuring everyone in the city was covered by its services. This is essentially socialism. An entire industry run by the government. Plus, most people today will never have to use the services of a fire department, which according to conservatives taxing people for services like fire departments is equivalent to theft. What's the reason we can't have good, affordable health care for all Americans? Because conservatives are terrified of one stupid word: Socialism. They are more concerned with a notion that most of them do not clearly understand, rather than what is really important; health care reform. I think that word keeps them up at night, it's like a some ghost that haunts their dreams... socialism, socialism.

    Who cares if it is "socialism" (Which it isn't because that would require the government owning the hospitals, paying the doctors, making the medicines, etc. All of which no one is proposing). This should be about fixing the system, not trivial bogeyman words that are not even applicable to the situation. So, the next time someone tells you the the new public option is socialism, ask them how they feel about firemen.
    One cannot reason someone out of something they were not reasoned into. - Jonathan Swift

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    Last time I checked Fire & Police Departments were funded by local governments not the Federal.

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