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Thread: Better Timing

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    Default Better Timing

    While training last night i noticed that my Tritronics Flyway special was not giving a correction when i pressed any of the buttons. Thinking maybe the batteries were low i charged it turned it up and prepared for the ride. Thankfully but much to my disappointment still nothing...

    Well i call TT and speak to customer service they tell me that the warranty is still valid and ask me to send it in, which i do. I mention to customer service that it was bad timing and that season starts tuesday, i got a young dog, sobb story and all. Customer service says no problem we will send you a loaner collar until yours is fixed.

    Sooo long story but i am very pleased with the service from TT and my equipment gets used pretty hard.

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    I've got the same thing going on with my G2 Pro 200. No stimulation on 3 sometimes. I need to call them.

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