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Thread: GDG: I have to HIGHLY recommend this washing machine for dog laundry. :)

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    Kristie Wilder

    Default GDG: I have to HIGHLY recommend this washing machine for dog laundry. :)

    Ok, so maybe this belongs on product reviews. And for my FB friends you know how much I love the new washing machine. LOL

    I got a maytag bravos mvwb400vq. It's a top-load high efficiency with a GIANT tub. It's awesome for dog laundry -- blankets, towels, etc. And it's so quiet, it's ridiculous.

    We've had it for about a month now and it's just awesome. The top load is so much better for doing large blankets and stuff, in my opinion. It's a pain to stuff big things in a front load.

    Just thought I'd throw it out there if anyone's in the market for a washer...


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    Mar 2009
    South Florida


    Kristie I'm sending the first load of wash up on Monday could you have it back by Friday thanks.

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    Senior Member gmhr1's Avatar
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    Feb 2004


    I know how much you love it mine is a whirlpool cabrio top loading no agitator so there's tons of room it holds my King comforter.
    RIP Bear.

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    Senior Member DUCK DGS's Avatar
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    Hey, Kristie, do you still like your top loading high efficiancy washer? My 12 year old Maytag neptune front loader is about to quit. Went shopping today and came home without a replacement - too confusing! Things have changed a lot in 12 years. Any input about the newer machines would be appreciated!


    Dave & Sue Robichaud
    Wassookeag Retrievers

    If it was easy, everyone would do it!

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    I think I have the same agitator...LOVE IT!
    Mary and
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    My first agility dog...thank you for everything!
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    Senior Member John Kelder's Avatar
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    For those missing an agitator ,kindly contact Gooser , Bubba or myself.....

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    Senior Member Leslie B's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    Luck, Wi


    Thanks for the input - my washer is 12 years old and starting to make some odd noises - I dread the day it finally quits.

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    Senior Member Annette's Avatar
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    Scottdale ,AZ


    I just recently got the Maytag Centenial top loader no agitator so easy to load bulky items. It uses 72% leass water. It does take a little getting used to-helps to read the instructions) Very quiet. Really like it. Got a great deal on sale at Home Depot.
    Field trialer. I have an FC Golden Retriever and running trials Casey and a retired FT black lab Lightning.
    Marie Annette Doherty

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    Kristie Wilder


    Yes, still love it. We did have a pump go out ($200). And yesterday, the lid lock wasn't catching... (and it has to lock to wash or it won't)

    But we REALLY REALLY beat the tar out of a washing machine. We do "dog laundry" by the ton and I'm not even joking. We have about 45 king size comforters, probably twice as many towels, plus other sheets, blankets and dog beds. If we have a rainy, muddy week... We may do 10+ loads a day (no joke) of full-on filthy, heavy stuff.

    I'm very happy with it. I think the lid catch is my fault for cramming a really think fluffy, box stitched king down comforter (that does belong to the dogs) in there when it was soaking wet... It hardly fits. I think it put pressure on the lid.

    Would still highly recommend it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristie Wilder View Post
    I think the lid catch is my fault for cramming a really think fluffy, box stitched king down comforter (that does belong to the dogs) in there when it was soaking wet... )

    I thought my dog was spoiled, haha

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