Problems w/ Field Check after FF-Lardy technique
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Thread: Problems w/ Field Check after FF-Lardy technique

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    Default Problems w/ Field Check after FF-Lardy technique

    So I thought I was done with force fetching...

    I am using the Lardy manual and DVDs as a guide.
    Everything has gone somewhat smooth so far in the force fetching process. A solid hold was difficult in the beginning (hard mouth issues), but after that, all of the forcing has been a breeze. My 9mo old YLF is what I percieve to be as competent all the way through walking fetch and fetch/no fetch.
    As far as taking what she has learned into the field...She does fine on single retrieves...brings the dummy back to heel, sits, and holds fairly well(maybe a drop on a readjustment 1 out of 5 retrieves which I correct with an ear pinch to pick up from the ground). The problem is, when I pull out multiple dummies, she cannot help but drop when she begins to heel. She gets excited and starts mouthing, which more often than not, leads to a drop. Again, I promptly correct with an ear pinch to fetch from the ground and she responds like she should, picking up the dummy, and then she performs as she should; holding and marking another thrown dummy in the field, then dropping her hold upon command, then retrieving. During her retrieve, she encounters the same problem as before: too much excitement at the anticipation of the next dummy being thrown which leads to a sloppy hold and a drop when attempting to heel/sit.
    When I first encountered this problem 5 days ago, I figured I could teach her the proper way in a few days. Well, I dont feel like I'm making too much headway.

    Can anyone shed some light on my problem? Should I return to strict FF'ing again with no retrieving? Or maybe should I just continue on to the next step in Lardy's program, Collar Conditioning, and hope she responds better to force through a collar since I can promptly correct her upon dropping? Any advice that anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated.


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    Maybe instead of trying to get her to hold the bumper during field marks you should teach her what is expected in the yard with hand thrown marks...(presuming the marks you are doing are thrown by a gunner or launcher?)
    walk with her at heel, with her holding a bumper. Stop, tell her to sit, toss the bumper in your hand..if she drops the bumper she has then give the fetch command and you go out and pick up the bumper you threw...eventually she will understand that if she holds the bumper she has, she will get to retrieve the bumper you threw...

    hope that makes sense...

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