Pocket Rocket retriever's first real hunt
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Thread: Pocket Rocket retriever's first real hunt

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    Smile Pocket Rocket retriever's first real hunt

    Well I did it. I've offically lost my mind and I couldn't be happier. I took Weezie out in the field with us, to really hunt. I wanted to see if she has what it takes or if she just loves to train in controlled environments. We went dove hunting Sunday evening-bunch of us on some sunflower fields. Typical dove hunt, periods where they really come in and then dry spells, hot as the dickens, sitting along a tree line. Ruckus is the designated dove dog-he picked up 17 shot between my husband and brother in law-slow evening, but still a lot of fun. I had Weezie in her crate right next to my chair, watching the whole thing, shooting over her. Finally Ruck was hot and I put him up, Bart shot a dove about 20 yards in the sunflowers and I took Weez out to hunt it up and much to my surprise it was very much alive. Before I could pull Weezie off, since she hasn't ever seen a live bird, let alone a dove-she winded it and the chase was on. Answered my question about live birds or cripples. She caught it and brought it back to me. She retrieved 3 more, 2 she marked and one we had to hunt up. Very soft mouthed, no mouthing issues with the feathers. What a doll. My husband just laughed and the guys in the field thought she was great. I just think she is cute as a button. I'm pretty sure I have the smallest dove dog in Illinois. I think I'm going to teach her to handle next.....

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    That is cool!

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    Actually she is the perfect size for dove hunting. She can push through all of the tangles and brush (where for some reason all the doves seem to fall) and her mouth is the perfect size for the size of the bird. Plus if she gets tired, you can pack her out easily!

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    That is awesome!

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