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Thread: The Dems are back at it again...

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    Quote Originally Posted by subroc View Post
    [FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]I expect if either Clarence Thomas or Codoleeza Rice ran for office. The support would be overwhelming. Would they win? Who knows, but it wouldn?t be because they lacked conservative credentials or because of the color of their skin.

    That would be a curious situation. Would blacks change the party they normally tend to vote for due to race of the candidate? Or would they stick with the party of handouts and free lunches? I would love to see that. Condy would also have gender as another advantage in her corner.
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    I also believe had J C Watts from Oklahoma stayed in politics he would have full support from conservatives.

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    Hellsbells, I'd have voted for Denzel Washington over either the black guy OR the white guy. He has more common sense on his side.

    What's got to be so ironic for the leftists and black apoligists is that a batch of white facists are pulling the strings of their black puppet. Who do you think is writing that GDG the teleprompter is telling BHO to spew? He damn sure isn't the author.

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    As we debate whether racism is a driving force of those who don't like O's policies, the D party seems to have concerns for the same within their own party.

    Seems like politics is just politics, and it is politics and votes that is pitting the first black President against the first black governor of NYS.
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    I voted against Osama because he is a far left liberal, whould turn America into a socialist state and take away my guns, my vote had nothing to do with race. I would have voted FOR Mike Steele, JC Watts,or Alan Keyes because they are conservatives.
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