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Thread: March On DC This Last Weekend!

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    My computer is down but I received some photos. Argue about the estimates all you want but this was a lot of dissatisfied people and just because the media didn't cover it,doesn't mean it wasn't powerful.
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    Surprised that nobody has mentioned that one network (think it was CNN) focused on two signs that could be interpreted as "racist". In the audio I heard, another reporter countered with the observation that only "a handful" of signs would fall into that category.

    Some representative of the 9-12'ers (or tea-baggers, don't recall which) made a statement categorically disavowing any form of racism as part of their goals. Like any large group, of either right or left persuasion, I think you would find "a handful" of extreme views. I'm sure you could find at least "a handful" of O supporters who really believe socialism is the answer to our problems.

    Even in this forum there is a spectrum of variation in those who are either right or left of center on any given issue. Even on the matter of gun control there is variation, i.e. whether there is reason to truly ban certain types of weapons. Some have expressed that they would not object to certain weapons being banned (certain weapons specifically designed for military personnel); while there are others who feel no bans on any types of guns would be appropriate. Yet, from my observation, there is fairly uniform agreement that a criminal record should preclude being able to have a gun. I'll apologize in advance if my observations here are incorrect. It is my recollection on such discussions in the past on the forum.
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