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Thread: Concerned about 21 month old pups eye!!!

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    Coach, I just went through the same thing with Cane her at home. I picked him up fro the trainer and noticed alot of discharge around his eye. I went to CVS and got some oitnment to hold over for the weekend till I got a chance to go see Dr. Tatum. She confirmed that he had a minor cut on the eye sent him home with more ointments. Check up week after and cut was healed but still had the hazy look. Mary told me that more than likely it will not go away but his vision should not be affected. It has been about a month now and it still has the foggy look but I guess I will have to learn to deal with. Going to go Gulf Coast in the near future to get his Cerf re-done for good measure.

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    Ditto on having a veterinary opthamologist see your pup! Their eyes are so important to what they need to do. I had a pup get bit by a snapping turtle she was bothering when she was 4 mos., and while an initial exam with the neon green goo they put in showed no surface damage to her eye, about a week later the eye was still very weepy and had a cloudy area so back we went and she was diagnosed with something called uveitis. It can come from a blow to the eye which is what we think happened with the turtle. It needed to be treated for 6 weeks as I recall but it did heal.

    When the pup was a year and I got her CERF exam, she had a punctate cataract in that eye which did not appear to affect her vision. By two the punctate cataract disappeared and she had normal CERFs after that. But had I not followed up she might've had some vision loss according to the vet. Best wishes your pup is OK... remember he could've suffered an injury to the eye, that didn't cause visible surface damage such as a scratch or abrasion. A hard enough blow can cause internal bleeding or swelling, too. One thing to look for with any eye injury is different sized pupils. Our dogs are pretty stoic and can't tell us when they hurt, but different sized pupils is an indication of a painful problem.

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    Thanks guys.
    She will see the Vet tomorrow-9:15.
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    To the vet and hopefully, just a weeks worth of triple anti-biotic. Running in thick cover sounds like an abrasion.

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