nice little spot in the greater Houston metro area....who would think we have such good stuff to teach on? mowed short, elevated on levee, dog sees well what you want to teach him.....i have at least a dozen similar spots within a few miles of my home....some with lots of cover, others good for teaching

thats Brady returning from a Bumper Boy single as shown, about 200 yds.

and right across the street, yet another gem:

zoomed out a bit below, the "X" is at the head of the 350 yd arrow for reference. also did a little down the shore stuff and a blind to an island point as shown in blue.

i really wanted to run a blind to cross the pond and then bust that thick curtain of green cat tails but really needed to get home.....and THEN:
this 7-8 footer popped up right about where "o" is in the photo above.

i tossed a fun bumper a few feet out the near shore in the photo just to see what he would do and he went under -- -- only to re-emerge a minute later halfway closer to where we were - that tells me he was interested.

calling Harris County in the morn...