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I like Yardley's explanation!

Maybe that $100 can be donated to John Edward's legal defense fund! What a scum-bag! Latest now, is he tried to get a staffer to take the fall of paternity for him!! That tells me he KNEW he was the dad long ago. What does he think?? The whole world is his courtroom, where lawyers can distort and manipulate the truth into whatever thier little world needs? That is a young boy, that will grow up and play ball, and have friends, and wonder who is Daddy is someday. To barter and manipulate like that deserves a very deep, HOT, special cubby hole in HELL!

I may have been branded a liberal by some on this forum, and I may decry name-calling.....but let me be the first to say that worthless SOB deserves MORE than any misery that comes his way. They ought to lock him up with Larry Craig and a jar of Viagra in a bathroom stall. How that B-tard can show his face in public and wear a smile is beyond comprehension.

sorry, off my box regards,
He should have been home taking care of his wife and family!!
No debate!!

Been there, done that!!