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Thread: Good news guys!

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    Default Good news guys!

    As some of you may know my pup has been with Tim Milligan for several months now. She was a bit young when i took her to him so for the first 4-6wks was simple retrieve and OB. When i visited 2wks ago Jazz was doing well but having a slight problem with "claming up" when Tim would gove the fetch command. Most of the time she would deliver to hand but when she didnt she nervously anticipated the ear pinch. Well she was very happy to see daddy while i was there. She actually hid behind my leg when he called her name once LOL!! But anyways, Tim wrote me a txt message today that said "Jazz completed her first double today. She has really turned the corner since you visited. I mean really tuened the corner" I couldnt tell you how happy i am. One retrieve was a swim and one on land i believe. No more clamming and he said he feels they are definitely finshed with FF. Just wanted to share this iwith you guys. Things are going good!!!

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    Congrats. I have heard alot of good about Tim. I almost sent my dogs to him but decided to try myself because of the economy.

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