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Thread: A Little More Glenn Beck

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    Default A Little More Glenn Beck

    I can honestly say I have never listened to him, my only contact being the comments made by the Messiah's believers on this forum.

    Mr Beck is scheduled to appear in Mt Vernon, WA to receive the keys to the city, hold a rally & appear at $500 per person fundraiser. Mt Vernon would be considered a fairly typical city in most places in this country where people actually work for a living.

    The local MSM has been full of the controversy surrounding his appearance. BTW, apparently Mr Beck has some past history in this fair little city. The Mayor of the city has taken quite a bit of heat for his decision, but appears to be handling it in stride.

    The fundraiser has been sold out for at least the last 2 weeks & I wiil be nowhere near there on Mr Beck's day. I can imagine how bad the traffic will be. I'd hate to think of how crowded it would be if Mr. Beck were popular, & all these people will be paying their own way.

    Marvin S

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    Marvin, you really need to watch his show a time or two.

    Well, out the door to a field trial. Sound like more fun than checking in on these forums...
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    I'm mssing Glen Beck right now because BUMFACE is on. YUCK!!!!

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