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Thread: The victimizer becomes the victim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz View Post
    I don't see what Polanski has to do with it. I don't give a rat$ @$$ what happens to him. I thought it was comical that every right wing radio show I tuned into had the host whipping up a story that I frankly couldn't care less about.

    What if it had been your daughter? Would you be leading the crusade against Polanski?

    I see this all the time you don't care untill your family or loved one is affected. A coworker didn't care about juvenile diabeties. Michael J. Fox didn't do commercisls about Parkinson's until affected. My cousin concerned about the genetic disease in our family until she was affected.
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    What I find more interesting is the disdain people like Letterman seem to have for those that have chosen to follow a more traditional, for lack of a better word, lifestyle.
    He still got his dig into Sarah before his guilt admission because I shut him off at that point. I think it's hysterical. Maybe that's the reason he finally married his wife-when the extortion hit. What a jerk.
    Nancy P

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