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Thread: So much for the Obama factor

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianW View Post
    Why did Michelle have to fly over there on her own w/ all her entourage in AF2 and PBO a day later in AF1?
    Thats the best question. Why do the tax payers have to keep paying for all their little trips? We are already over taxed it may only be several hundred thousand fo reach one's trip but all these add up. I also believe that osma has to be on the tv, news, net, etc as often as he can. IMHO his adgenda is to be in front of the public and NOT running the country. Actually I think it is better the less ruining of the country he does.
    Dan Boerboon

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    Actually I think it is better the less ruining of the country he does.
    Congress seems to be doing enough of that all by themselves.
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    Why the US didn't get the Olympics
    From the National Review Online:

    10. Dead people can’t vote at IOC meetings
    9. Obama distracted by 25 min meeting with Gen. McChrystal
    8. Who cares if Obama couldn’t talk the IOC into Chicago? He’ll be able to talk Iran out of nukes.
    7. The impediment is Israel still building settlements.
    6. Obviously no president would have been able to acomplish it.
    5. We’ve been quite clear and said all along that we didn’t want the Olympics.
    4. This isn’t about the number of Olympics “lost”, it’s about the number of Olympics “saved” or “created”.
    3. Clearly not enough wise Latina judges on the committee
    2. Because the IOC is racist.


    1. It’s George Bush’s fault.

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    11. he inherited the anti US sentiment from the IOC

    12. ACORN was too busy helping prostitutes ( err independent entertainers)

    13. vast Right wing conspiracy

    14. really wanted his home country of Indonesia err Kenya err Hawaii to get it
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    In WWII when my father was asked where he was from he replied near Chicago they always replied "gangster, gangster". Other countries new about the city.
    cave canem...beware of the dog
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