How about dem Cowboys! (NFL) GDG
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Thread: How about dem Cowboys! (NFL) GDG

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    Default How about dem Cowboys! (NFL) GDG

    How about dem Cowboys! Errrr... they lost? Lost...lost to the Broncos? They are 2-2? Never mine. Now the Broncos have beaten teams like the Cowboys. Now they get into the tough part of their season and have to play some good teams, so that perfect record will be tested. Speaking of the Cowboys their last playoff win was 1996, was that pre or post Jerry Jones face lift? Well they do have a pretty stadium.
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    It sure looked like "Over rated QB" syndrome! Romo looked terrible.

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    I'm a Giants fan and always thought Romo was over rated and failed in big games. They're stuck with him now. I'm giddy, usually a Cowboys loss is better than a Giants win in my house

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    So, are Bronco fans ready to jump back on the bandwagon after losing thier coach and QB in the offseason?

    NFC Least, one team division...Giants. Got to like homeboy Eli Manning but, the Giants get beat on October 18th in the Super Dome!
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    Romo might be morphing into Danny White Version 2.0

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    I live in Dallas and I'm a Tampa fan of all things I guess you can't help but support your favorite team. But at least I know my team sucks but I still support them but Dallas fans really think the cowboys Are actually good.
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    12 and 12 in last 24 games. Average at best. But it was all T.O.'s fault right?
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    Dallas fans really think the cowboys Are actually good.
    Those poor souls. My favorite team in the whole NFL is whoever is playing the 'Boys. They can take that America's team thing and ................

    On a different note. After the offseason they had who woulda thunk the Broncos would be where they are?

    As divided and messed up as they seemed, they're doing good!

    Whatcha think now Gooser? Is winning the great panacea?
    Howard Niemi

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    Senior Member duk4me's Avatar
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    4 games does not make a season especially when the losses were to the best NFC team and the currently best defensive team in the NFL.

    What I'm wondering is what happened to all the Bronco fans that were hating on their new coach?

    Besides all of ya'll are just jealous cause we gotta better tv than you.

    Cowboy homer regards.
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    Senior Member MooseGooser's Avatar
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    I hope"COACH"

    and his senile "OWNER",,,,,

    Plummet to the the stench of the pig pit,,, in a flamin ball a smoke!!!

    If Romo woulda been able to simply hit WIDE OPEN recievers,,

    The outcome a that game woulda been vastly different.

    broncos got lucky in their first game.

    Havent played a good team since.

    The rest of their division just sucks really.

    Mebe theys got a chance now theys start their hard part of the schedule!!

    YEA RIGHT!!!

    Still pissed!! Not anywhere NEAR the Bandwagon regards:

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