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And yet both the Silverado and the F150 outsold the Prius?
When gas dropped to $2 per gallon, the bloom was off the rose for Prius. Prius sales dropped 47%. None of the hybrids are selling. Unless gas is high, there's no reason to pay a huge premium for a hybrid.

I think the day of the hybrid is about over. You have a new crop of fuel efficient vehicles coming form U.S. manufacturers. For example, the 2011 Chevy Cruz will get about 41 mpg. The Prius only get about 45 mpg. The Cruz will be larger and better looking than the Prius, and you won't pay a premium for the hybrid system.

Then, you have electric vehicles coming, which again, will be more cost effective and more efficient than hybrids.

If I had a hybrid, I would be getting rid of it now, or plan to keep it forever.