Puppy OB class?
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Thread: Puppy OB class?

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    Default Puppy OB class?

    I signed up to take Scrub (3.5 month BLM) to “Puppy Obedience” class through a local, very rounded, club. I took Trooper to a Retriever Field class put on by this same club six years ago and it did us both a lot of good but they only have that once a year and it starts in March (I plan to take Scrub to this class also). The puppy OB class focuses on treat and praise teaching (I am not against this as I also use these practaces wiht young pups) and work on “Walk nicely on a leash, Sit, Down, Stay, Come and Go to Your Mat” along with socializing and some agility games.

    Anyone who has done this type class care to share? I’ve never taken a pup to one of these types of classes and I’m wondering if this something I should take a field dog to or just wait until March.
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    Every dog (even/especially field dogs) needs to learn basic obedience and social skills.

    I took an Advanced Beginner class at local club (everybody calls them something different, but it too was for non puppies needing basic obedience).

    We enjoyed it (and even learned a few things ).

    Main thing we got from it was the fact it put us on a schedule and allowed my pup to be around other dogs in a controlled environment. We had class every Tuesday and therefore we "had" to do some training.
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    I take all my dogs to a puppy OB class! It is GREAT for you and the puppy....socialization is important, working on listening to you when there are a TON of distractions so it is a challenge for you and the puppy.

    It is amazing when you think you have a head start on the other attendees only to find out that's not the case....

    Enjoy and I think it is a wonderful idea!

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    I have taken puppy & regular obedience classes with my dogs. I find them very beneficial and fun.
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    I used to run them and give them a thumbs up to anyone that can find a good OB trainer to work with.
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    Great way to get them started. Wish more people would do that!

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    I took my now 6 month old CLM through the class at the local Petco. It was interesting to see the interactions of the dogs and all, but I left most nights wishing we'd have done a bit more training than talking. I understand the attention span of a puppy is miniscule, but there was a lot of talking. As with any class I think the instructor will make all the difference in the world. I'd do it again just for the socialization piece and I did learn a different perspective on a number of things. So I'd say go for it!
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    I have taken several pups thru what is locally known as puppy kindergarten. The two biggest benefits are teaching the pup to learn and getting it socialized. The classes are not really desinged for the human part of the team who is experienced with teaching a pup, they are more for the novice, but are beneficial to the pup.
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    Definitely. Where I live, it's hit or miss with good puppy classes, so when it's a miss, I make my own classes in a safe environment (usually starting at my place). The past couple weeks, a few of us have been meeting at a local park. I came home tonight feeling a lot better than I thought I would about my 5.5 mo old. She is coming along well, despite my work schedule being too demanding to do as much as I'd normally have loved to do w/ her. Focus was quite good, she's figuring out heel position, short sit/down stays, and the desired front position (w/ rewards becoming fewer and further between) and dealing w/ distractions (there are little 3-4' soccer players out there on the turf til ~6 pm!). She did live pigeon retrieves last night and I have no complaints there either. She DOES need work w/ bumpers as she considers them boring... but, I smell puppy boot camp coming soon so that will be fixed (as soon as our obed is good enough). Go for it, and have fun. Anne

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    Quote Originally Posted by TN_LAB View Post
    Main thing we got from it was the fact it put us on a schedule and allowed my pup to be around other dogs in a controlled environment. We had class every Tuesday and therefore we "had" to do some training.

    I did a puppy K with both Fisher (now 6 yrs) and Slater (5 mos). Same instructor.
    Frankly the actual lesson plans were super weak and I have no idea how any of the pet people with little to no dog training experience got anything out of it. Things were really lame. But like TN LAB said, it put us on a schedule so I would actually practice with the pup and show up ready for something new. It was good socialization. The best thing I learned from the class this time around with Slater was, to keep them occupied, shove a 6" pizzle stick inside a kong toy.
    The one thing I DIDN'T like that they really harped on was "leave it" "wait for your treat" "be nice" etc. They actually wanted us to teach our puppies to back away from a hand with a treat in order to get it. Um, no. For a go-get-um competition dog, whether it be field, obedience or otherwise, I want that puppy to think GET IT GET IT GET IT, turn yourself inside out to get it! Oh well, I just didn't do the "leave it" exercise.
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