Since the original thread has gotten away from the original topic I thought I would update my green bean investigation in a new thread.
Veggies are a new addition in NC to the WIC entitlement program as of 10/1/09.
This explains why I never noticed the WIC signs on frozen veggies before. They did not exist!
I have contacted in writing both the store manager and the corporate headquarters of the grocery store that had the WIC signs on those high priced veggies, asking them to not to encourage spending tax payer money on green beans or any other item that is not cost effective. No response yet.
I have also contacted local and state WIC agencies both in writing and via phone explaining my concerns about the steam fresh veggies.
No idea if anything will actually happen but a few people that I did manage to work my way thru the lower level employees to contact did state that as it was a brand new program they had not had a chance to figure out the possible items that should not be covered.
Some actually said " Why do you object to frozen beans?"
Me " I don't. I object to 4 x's what I pay for the same thing."
Anyway maybe they will actually look into it.