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Thread: Remington 887

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    Question Remington 887

    A search did not reveal much info. Anyone own one? I shouldered one yesterday and it's one of the few guns that seem to fit me right off the shelf. Looks more or less like a 870 but "thicker". Does it disassemble as easy as an 870? Any issues to date?

    Thanks, Danny

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    my undertsanding its basically an 870 with a new polymer coating and a recoil stock instead of the standard. Im looking at getting me the waterfowl.

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    I handled one the other day and it seems like an 870 that has been dipped in bed liner. Haha. It actually has a nice feel to it for a guy with bigger hands. Seems to me like remington just built their version of a nova.

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    I've been thinking about buying one myself. I've been trying to find the camo waterfowl edition with no luck. Bass Pro has the black synthetic one for $330 and Gander Mountain has it for $370.
    David Cruz

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    I picked-up an 887 waterfowl last week and used it for some upland hunting yesterday to test it out. Overall I am very happy. Can't wait to get out for some waterfowl hunting in a few weeks. I hunt in saltwater from time to time, so the added protection against corosion will be nice.


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    I own one...

    I like it a lot, I have not put that many shells through it yet but it is like mentioned a gun that fit me right off the shelf. It is comfortable, comes up very nice and shoots smoothly. I should add various sizes and loads.

    The gun in my opionon breaks down EASIER than the 870 due to the fact that the trigger assembly is all one piece. Knock out two pins and it drops down as one assembly. The bolt comes out just as easy, very little maintaince is required (a little rem lube at two places) which makes it very nice.

    It is basically a SuperNova, but (and others will argue) it feels like it is put together better...much tighter not the rattle can that the nova is...the slide of the stock was stiff off the shelf but after an inital clean and a box of shells it is a smooth as silk.

    The info I have found suggests that the armorlock that they put on it is extreamly durrable....tests of 10,000 shells showed a wear of .02 removal of the factory coating. 99.98% retention.

    The entire gun with the exception of the internal barrel and bolt is coated in a two step process basically molded around the parts so there is no "seam" to split after usuage (that is way they say 99.98% retention of armorlock)

    Time will tell, but if it holds up half as long as my fathers 870 wingmaster (28 years) then the 330 dollars I spent on it was well worth it.


    ps. I have shot: dove, 2 2/3 pheasant, 3" Hevi #4, and a few 3 1/2 mag and it handled the loads nicely...most of the shot has been 2 and 3/4 #6 1 1/4 oz pheasant because it is what I had the most of from last season.

    total maybe 60 rounds or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DSO View Post
    A search did not reveal much info. Anyone own one? I shouldered one yesterday and it's one of the few guns that seem to fit me right off the shelf. Looks more or less like a 870 but "thicker". Does it disassemble as easy as an 870? Any issues to date?

    Thanks, Danny
    I've taken one down. It's a modernized, polymerized 870. It makes sense, really. If you're going to manufacture a total spartan weapon like the 870, why not make it really spartan.

    My next weapon purchase will be an 887. I need one for places I'm afraid to take my 870. (Hunting over coastal water is rough on bare, matte finished steel)

    Is it true that the bolt is tennifered or is that B.S.?
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    I was buying a gun recently and chambered one of these at the store. I liked the feel of the gun, but after pumping it several times and noticed that my hand was hitting on the gun I declined to buy it. Imagine freezing cold weather and your hand geting jammed and skin coming off. Probably depends on how far up you hold when you pump, but for me it would not work with how I pump the gun.

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    Was at the gun shop this weekend getting my son a youth model.......held and shouldered the 887 liked the feel and the weight of the gun for sure. I am a Benelli guy but the difference in $$$$ could make me look at the 3.5 for goose and duck hunting for sure.

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