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Thread: Nobel Peace Prize

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    Why not award the prize to anyone of the "miss America pagents. They and Obama have accomplished the exact same things.

    They have both stood up in front of a TV screen and said
    "I want world peace" I wish we could just get along,
    The only difference is when a pagent contestant says it ,,people look at her like a dumb bimbo

    When Obama says it people gasp for air and melt,,,become blush and are spiritualy moved by it.

    Just an observation


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    I would love to look at a Miss America contestant rather than Barack Obama in the White House any day.

    I wonder if we could still get some of those beach photos of them like the ones of the messiah a while back. *fingers crossed*
    Glass pipe pictures
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    Sooner or later even the folks who voted for him are going to have to realize that he is not the second coming.
    Bob Gutermuth
    Canvasback Chesapeakes

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