How to read hip/elbow cert, etc?
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Thread: How to read hip/elbow cert, etc?

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    Default How to read hip/elbow cert, etc?

    How does the rating system for the hips elbows work? What score is good/bad? What about elbows and eyes, how do you know if they have been cleared as well? I am considering buying a pup and need to know what to look for. Thanks for any help.

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    If you will go to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals site you can find all the information that you will need.
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    OFA rates hips fair, good or excellent for passing grades, dysplastic hip(s) have their own ratings, mild, moderate, severe but will not get a number. PennHip does a numerical/percentage type system for each hip. OFA is the more common of the two used, in Labs anyway. Elbows either pass or don't, with the non passing assigned different "grades".

    For eyes, there is a link to the CERF site on the OFA site if the eye clearances aren't on OFA, not everyone sends in their AVCO exams to CERF, just the exam sheet is usually okay if breeder provides a copy. Read the sites to familiarize yourself with all three.

    Also CNM and EIC if you are talking a Lab puppy, plenty of links on here to search. Some will recommend PRA and RD and other stuff.

    There's more than just health clearances when choosing a pup of course, but that's enough to get your brain thinking to start.
    Kim Pfister, Rainmaker Labs

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    Here is a reference as to what OFA hip scores mean.

    A lot of answers to many questions regarding hips and elbows and more can be found here.

    T. Mac

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