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Thread: Life Is good...GDG

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    Senior Member canebrake's Avatar
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    Oct 2006

    Default Life Is good...GDG

    In memory of my agility partner "Henry", a group of friends and I raffled two agility jumps and other items at Labrador National Agility trial last Thursday in Bloomington IL.

    $401 was collected despite the rainy, cold conditons with 100% proceeds going back to LRC for genetic research of canine epilepsy. Approximately $2000 has been collected to date in honor of Henry for labrador research. Today I received a card from AKC CHF that a separate donation was made for Pilot Study of Intravenous Levetiracetam for Emergency Treatment of Seizures in Dogs.

    I wanted to thank the following for their generous donations - Kristie Wilder & Drew, McCracken County Ducks Unlimited, Life Is good company, Menopaws agility along with fellow exhibitors and friends who donated.

    I put together a small tribute to the wonderful undying spirit of the labrador from lab nationals last week. The handler at the beginning took High In trial - He is 73 and suffers from severe parkinsons...what an inspiration...

    Although there will never be another Henry, I will look forward to my next yellow boy....some day.......thanks for listening....

    Life Is good,
    Martha Veatch
    In memory of Henry - Canebrake High Hopes Henry CD RA AX AXJ AJP AJP CGC TDI

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    Senior Member limiman12's Avatar
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    Red Oak Iowa


    Cool video, and from it some other video, looks like fun for the dogs.

    How much do you guys run into inruries, foot/elbow/ hips?

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    Senior Member lynette's Avatar
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    I love Agility..Our first Lab, Jock..was Australian National and State Champion in 1992, He won both titles on the same weekend, beating out the fancied favourites..the Border Collies and the German Shepards, the dog that took second place was a Lab too..To this day no other dog has won both titles in the same year, let alone same weekend.
    As for injuries, the dogs seem to turn up fine, not so the handlers..last time I ran I blew a Cruciate my kids play at agility..
    beauty fades, but dumb is forever. (Judge Judy)

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    That video was great! Tributes like that always make me weep. I also LOVED the wing jumps with the camo and black/yellow/choc labs on it!!! Would've looked great in my backyard for my agility lovin' field lab to use Well, time to wipe my eyes and go to Agility class with my girl Thanks for posting the link.
    Mary and
    Sterling's Lucy J. Two Shoes CL1 CL2-R CL2-H CL2-F NAC NJC CGC (Lucy)
    My first agility dog...thank you for everything!
    C-ATCH3 Creek Boats Heaven Sent JH AX AXJ XF SG CGC WC ASCA-RN (1 AKC RN Pass) 85 MACH Points (Midge)
    Blackfoot's Thyme to Shyne "Rayven"

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    Member Jim Coggins's Avatar
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    Wisconsin, Southeast


    The first team is my good friend Paul Young and Bit, who is my dog's sister. They are awesome. Thanks for posting that.

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