My name is A1C Logan Adams. I am from th 509th Civil Engineer Squadron at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. I am a representative of our Squadron booster club, which is a non-profitable organization developed within our squadron to raise funds throughout the year to have events to help build up moral for those in our unit and those who just came back from war. We do fudraising efforts throughout the year but it is extremely difficult to make enough money to support our annual picnic/Christmas party and retirments without outside help.

Thour we work long and hard hours to try and raise enough money, we seem to come up short every year on funds to give out prizes, to me they are tokens of appreciation to my fellow Airmen. What I am asking of you (RTF) is if you would be willing to donate a gift card, item or a certificate so that we have prizes that will be given away in drawings during our Christmas party on the 4 December 2009. Thank you for your time to read this and if you have any questions please pm me or my number is 901 288 3470 or if you would like my email is

Thanks Alot RTF and i hope i am not crossing any boudries by asking this and if i am please Chris just let me know and i wil remove it Thanks again