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Thread: Tragic Puppy Story

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    Default Tragic Puppy Story

    So I've joined the local SPCA board and I am getting wind of all the horrible things that go on. I thought I would share this one story.

    There is a small town 45 minutes outside of Yellowknife, and there were 4 puppies found at the dump. Their eyes were not even open. Their throats were slashed and two of them were dead. The two that survived were brought into town and luckily we had a dam with a young litter who accepted these two pups. Unfortunately one dead during the first night, and there is only one survivor left. The neck wound is being flushed out regularly and as the pup gets stronger the vet is stitching it up.

    I have photos of the pup, but it might disturb some people.

    I can't imagine... slashing the throats of puppies and not even ensuring that they are dead...

    We have some interviews with the media to address the root of the problem and we are trying to get the RCMP to investigate this further.
    Jennifer Teed

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    The cruelty of some people horrifies me, yet I am never surprised anymore. Which says a lot about the lack of heart in humanity.
    Poor little puppies. I hope your last one makes it, Jennifer.
    Katherine Taylor-Green AKA Honey and Grandma!

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