Strange Tissue under Tongue....
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Thread: Strange Tissue under Tongue....

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    Default Strange Tissue under Tongue....

    Has anyone ever seen a piece of inflamed tissue or growth like this under a tongue? I have been watching this for a few days, not sure when it came about. The dog has normal behavior, has been eating good and is not showing any signs of a problem. All of the years we have had dogs this is a new one for me!

    It almost looks like a couple puncture wounds on the what appears to be swollen tissue. I am wondering if he was injured retrieving a cripple pheasant? He has been on a lot of birds lately as well as working some tough cover!

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    Worked for a vet for years who always said "moderate to significant inflammation is rarely a good thing"....get your friend to a vet, cuz IMHO that's "significant." Hope he/she is okay.

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    The lesion looks fairly "angry" to me, but photos are often deceptive. It certainly could be trauma induced inflammation with or without infection, or it could be a salivary structure issue such as a mucocoele. I do not want to alarm you, but neoplasia (cancer) needs to be on the differential (list of possibilities). In particular, we see squamous cell carcinoma in this region in several animal species; I do not know the stats for domestic dogs. However, take a deep breath and put the horse before the cart. You need to start with a thorough physical exam including palpation of regional lymph nodes that drain the lesion. Do not wait on this one. It may be easily remedied or may be a bigger issue, but it looks like it could go south (what does that saying meain?) and I would have it looked at ASAP. old is your dog? Good luck.


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    What does your vet say about it?
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