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Thread: Sam's Club Exceed

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    Default Sam's Club Exceed

    Did anybody that feeds Sam's Club Exceed notice any differance in the food now that it's back on the shelves in the store? I was feeding it regularly in the spring until it disappeared from the shelves. Now that it is back in the store I have bought a couple bags, I have noticed that the kibble shape is now a square cube, not that it makes a differance, but I would have to think that it means that something has changed (ie ingredients, manufacturer) I don't have an old bag to compare the ingredients with the new stuff. I have not fed enough to tell how the dogs will do on it, they did fine before, I have also noticed that a couple of my dogs have EXTREME GAS and their stool is slightly soft as compared to before. Just wondering if anybody else noticed this?


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    I had to switch back to Purina One when I couldnt get Exceed. Now that its back I have started feeding it again and have noticed my dogs stools are actually firmer and they seem to like the Exceed more than the Purina...

    I was told that they did change MFG.
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    Maybe part of the problem is changing the dogs straight over from what you have been feeding back to the Exceed.
    When I couldn't get the Exceed lamb and rice, mine went on my backup of purina one lamb and rice. (Used to be the exact same food). Mine switched straight back with no issues but I have always been able to use both foods interchangably with my gang.

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    I would cut back on the amount of food your feeding and see if the stools firm up and their gas gets better. Once you get the stools normal again you can increase the amount of food very slowly over time and see if the stools stay normal.
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