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Thread: What does the White House hope to

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerry Clinchy View Post


    Of course, maybe they're smarter than we think ... here we are talking so much about this "spat" and placing less focus on the deficit, the health care proposals, whether to shore up troops in A'stan or what's going on in Iran.

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    While I still think that the Pres & his staffers have more important things to do, the way the press is handling this situation has some strong points to it:

    The pool is the five-network rotation that for decades has shared the costs and duties of daily coverage of the presidency and other Washington institutions. The Washington bureau chiefs of the five TV networks consulted and decided that none of their reporters would interview Feinberg unless Fox News was included. The pool informed Treasury that Fox News, as a member of the network pool, could not be excluded from such interviews under the rules of the pool.
    The press has set aside its ideological leanings and united against what they may perceive as a threat to freedom of the press. This is, perhaps, the real news in this story.

    I don't know if the perceived threat is a "real" one, but those other media outlets obviously feel that they can adequately deal with another of their colleagues with whom they don't agree ... they don't need govt intervention to fend for them or their views.
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