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Thread: My first dog - which direction

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    Default My first dog - which direction

    Well actually it is my brothers dog. A 2.5 year old spayed pet BLF. She is sweet as can be. She comes to work most of the day and at least two/three times a day she demands we go out back so I can throw her a tennis ball. She heels off leash and has super energy and drive. She's terribly gun shy from what my brother tells me.

    He's cool with it, as long as I pay to play and doesn't involve weeks away from home for training. Because of my lack of experience, lack of facilities, resources, and her age and gun shyness... I initially was planning on a local OB and agility club... but I've always wanted a gun dog.

    I would like to see what I can do with her before I convince my wife to get a lab of our own. Could she be salvaged and made into a JH? Should I just go the other direction.

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    a lot can be overcome if she loves birds. does she love birds? live flapping birds?
    btw welcome to RTF
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