Funniest mistake you've seen?
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Thread: Funniest mistake you've seen?

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    Default Funniest mistake you've seen?

    My training buddy's dog had just returned with a bird, and instead of coming to a proper heel, stopped on his right side facing backwards. My buddy commands "heel"....nothing. "Heel" ....Still nothing. Third try's a charm. Once more, my buddy demands "heel!" as he performs a precise, military, about face and heels to the dog. He instantly realized what he had done and his face was brightening before he even heard me scream. I laugh my head off every time I think of this one. Of course I could never tell my buddy's name, but his initials are Crashdaddy. C'mon, let's here 'em.

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    WHo's training who. LOL

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    I could tell you about the rare freeze we had outside Baytown, Tx, hunting the trinity river basin, when our pond had about just enough ice. My buddies dog, never having seen ice wouldn't go out after a duck. As my friend (against my advice) was standing out there telling his dog how "it's ok", broke through and fell into the water just up to the important parts. One of the most loyal traits of our retrievers, is that they don't laugh out loud.
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    Funniest one I ever saw was an Alaskan handler who was running his dog on a blind in running water. He blew a sit whistle...nothing, blew another and the dog still kept going...On the third time the handler took a big breath and gave it everything he had, blowing as hard as he could. He actually bent over as he was blowing that last long loud sit whistle and right at the height of the whistle blast, he ripped one! Passed gas right there on the line in a very audible fashion. Talk about a red face! I laughed so hard, i thought i was going to blow a gasket right there on the spot.
    Bill Davis

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    Was training with a feller one time and he had some remote launchers. He was all set up on the honor position ready to correct his dog when he broke. I was running the working dog. I sent my dog, his dog broke as expected, he yelled “Sit” and pressed the button to “Stimulate” his dog. We heard a pop from the field and both dogs accelerated!!!!!!! He had launched a second dummy; he had the launcher transmitter instead of the e-collar transmitter firmly in his grasp! At least there was a bumper for each dog in the same spot.

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