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    Everyones favorite leader's popularity continues it's double digit negative trend for 14 of the last 16 days according to daily presidental tracking poll. Wonder how this will "help" dems running for office next Tuesday. Should prove to be interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by M&K's Retrievers View Post
    Everyones favorite leader's popularity continues it'd double digit negative trend for 14 of the last 16 days according to daily presidental tracking poll. Wonder how this will "help" dems running for office next Tuesday. Should prove to be interesting.
    I don't expect him to be much of a factor. In NJ, if the Republicans had run a dead man, their candidate would probably have won simply because of Corzine's unpopularity. Unfortunately for them, the Republicans ran an abrasive idiot who may snatch defeat from victory. An interesting sidebar in the NJ race is the wide split between polls taken using human interviewers and those taken using auto response machines. The gap is almost six percent favoring Republicans. Voting may provide some insight on which polling approach is more likely to predict outcomes. It will be close.

    While NJ has been primarily a democratic state in national elections, it has actually been split very evenly in gubernatorial elections, with a long history of Republicans in the statehouse. Virginia is another story. The state is normally a Republican state and it would have taken extraordinary performance by Democrats to keep control. Instead their performance was very ordinary and the gubernatorial nominee, Deeds, has little appeal to the suburban crowd. I would expect low turnout and a double digit loss for Democrats.

    In NYC, Bloomberg will win again running as an independent absent a massive public employee strike between now and then. His challenger is the current City Comptroller -- not a position that provides a very good launch pad for higher office.

    A special congressional election in NY's 28th congressional district could end up with the Republican running third behind a conservative and a democrat. Whatever happens, it is not likely to reflect very much about the national scene.

    Overall, there are virtually no elections that are very meaningful from a national perspective. Regardless of outcome, it is likely to be "much ado about nothing".

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    Virginia is a pretty good example of the nose dive of the Dear Leader's popularity. Although he won the electoral votes narrowly over McCain, I think most of our citizens are seeing through the emperor's new clothes.

    When Creigh Deeds won the Democratic primary, I remember thinking he'd be a tougher Republican opponent than the other two carpet bagger, non-natives he defeated since he'd have broader appeal across the state and he's not the slick talking limousine liberal type. Whereas I was and am still lukewarm toward the Republican, Bob McDonnell who's more aligned with the religious right. Although McDonnell started with a commanding lead, Deeds had it whittled down to single digit until Dear Leader started campaigning for him. Now he's once again way back in the polls, even with women voters. People in this state aren't smoking that hopey changy hopium any more.

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