[QUOTE][. Yes, Jesus was not in favor of responding to evil with violence. Turing the other cheek is a way of robbing your assailant the satisfaction of having humiliated you/QUOTE]

That only applies in certain contexts,
If someone repeatily hit me with the intent to mame or kill well then lets just say I would never worship a god that required me to sit there and take it,,nor should anyone else.

There is a ton of history behind that verse and most verses. Real quick as to not bore people here.
JC was a king.. Isreal thought their king was going to kick ass like David did,,,Peter responded exactly how an old testiment dude should.
JC was trying to teach them about the spiritual battle that is constantly going on. And how their new king didnt come here to kick physical arse but spiritual.

Thats why many disciples left the JC movement,,they were hoping JC would restore Isreal as they new it,, not as god had planned.
The carnal man cannot know the things of God because spirit is spirit and flesh is flesh.

You need a mediator between God and man.

Thats an incredably condensed and full of holes explanation But accurate in portion
You are correct in the right context also.
We must always look at context and motivation. Thats doggy talk.