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Thread: I don't know about you...

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    10% plus or minus of the U.S. POPULATION IS UNINSURED. a percentage unknown to me is underinsured. these are the people we end up paying for when they show up at the emergency rooms anyway. what is that cost? plus, they bog down the emergency services by addressing non-emergency health issues in this manner. they can't be denied services by virtue of state and federal law. they're not going to
    Ummmm I would say thats horse chit
    I paid all of my way and my families way 99 percent of my life.

    If I would have paid for ins.over a 33 year period By my estimations at 72ooo dollars a year Thats 237 thousand 600 hundred dollars I've saved.
    I have forked out under 40 grand

    I dont know about you but if someone made me pay that,, they would also have to pay me welfare and put me on a cheese program. And probably public housing.

    Also it doesnt really cost 75 dollars for exactly 1 drop of tylonal and a doctor I never saw in my life peeks in the door and says how ya doin will cost you 150 bucks for a F n dr visit. F representing the word frugal of coarse


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    But Reid has Mary in his pocket with the medicare exemption for disaster areas within the last .. well from shortly before Katrina to now.
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    I have a feeling that Katrina Mary would rather keep her job than accept the 100million bribe from Harry Reid.
    Anti-intellectualism and fascism go together like bacon and eggs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K G View Post
    60 people are going to bankrupt us all if this passes.....

    Sadly, we are already bankrupt and we don't even know it. Eventually the Chinese and everybody else who loans us money will stop loaning us money and all we'll have then is a Fed that continues to counterfeit the currency with its printing press.

    Once the Chinese stop loaning us money everything stops and we're really screwed.

    This hideous healthcare bill only speeds up the process. But wait...then there's cap and trade because the democrats (and RINO's) never stop spending your money. They will never, ever stop.

    Our national debt is on its way to about $24 trillion dollars within a decade. My bet is we never make it. We'll lose our AAA rating and (probably) default on a portion of our debt at the same time within the next decade. Prepare thyself.

    We live in Cuba now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franco View Post
    I have a feeling that Katrina Mary would rather keep her job than accept the 100million bribe from Harry Reid.
    Too late. Unfortunately, your feeling was wrong.

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