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Thread: Facebook Friend sent me this link (Don't Get Palin's Appeal? Try a Little Harder)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ducknwork View Post
    Interesting points in your article, but overall, I think it is unnecessarily condescending to those who don't hate Palin. But then again, what else should I expect from any left wing chatter regarding her?

    Going back to the trailer to get a beer and beat my barefoot pregnant wife regards,
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    That POS Kos is about as reliable as Izvestia. You lefites ought to find a more honest source. They are the same ones who said that that Gov Palin's downes syndrome baby was actually her daughters.
    Bob Gutermuth
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    How can anyone call someone stupid when they voted for Biden? How laughable is that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz View Post
    Actually, if you look at the demographics of Palin fans, they are not "trailer trash." I'll see if I can dig those up when I get some time.

    I agree that the article was unnecessarily condescending, I think it was written by a liberal for liberals. I think some of the articles I see here written by conservatives for conservatives fall into the same category. At least I would call some of them unnecessarily mean spirited.
    I wasn't suggesting that Palin fans were trailer trash, just my attempt at some humor (JDog says we're too serious). That is how the article portrayed them, IMO.

    My wife is pregnant, though. And she does like to wear flip flops....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gutermuth View Post
    That POS Kos is about as reliable as Izvestia. You lefites ought to find a more honest source. They are the same ones who said that that Gov Palin's downes syndrome baby was actually her daughters.
    Bob, it's an opinion piece...
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    Another left winger purporting to believe they have an understanding of what conservatives think and believe.

    They will never understand.

    As far as the whole intellectual canard, we can see that President George W. Bush was the more intelligent during the 2004 election. The 2 men’s college transcripts prove it. For some reason, obama, with all his alleged brain power has an inability to speak without a teleprompter. He doesn’t seem all that smart to me.

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