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I can prove you wrong on that Jeff
There are straight shooters in every walk of life ,,,even lawyers and politicians,,,, rare indeed but I know a couple of extremely honest sales people,,,haven met a honest politician or lawyer yet though


My point was not to condemn all salesmen and politicians; I have been both and believe I have been pretty honest in both roles. However, anyone "selling" a particular perspective is deliberately highlighting the positives of what they believe is the correct decision and highlighting the negatives of what they view as the incorrect decision. The result is a distortion of the truth.

Ideally, we want our scientists to maintain an objective perspective in their research. However, we expect the scientific process to recognize the impact of research bias and to address it through independent confirmation of results and deliberate efforts to structure experiments to offset bias. That does not prevent fraud, but the absence of independent confirmation is generally sufficient to sink a theory. or studies of historic data and social science studies, the situation tends to be more complex but because of emotional involvement in the outcome and because data are inherently messy in these situations