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Thread: BofA repays all of government bailout funds

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    So far this year 130 banks have gone down and the list of 'troubled' banks is somewhere north of 500. The FDIC is bankrupt, the banking industry is bankrupt and the FED continues to fight being audited. There are billions and trillions of dollars of worthless mortgage backed securities hidden from sight and marked to fantasy and B52 continues to print (counterfeit) money as fast as he can. The national debt blew through $12 trillion a few weeks ago, the dollar is worthless and Obongo and the democrats in power are spending so much money (that we don't freaking have) that even Bush is blushing.

    And we're giddy over this story about the banksters at BofA? Get real folks.

    We live in Cuba now.
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    As a small business I would not even borrow money right now even if they would lend it. I was watching some msm (news?) program and they stated that BoA did not want to have to worry about restrictions on pay and how they invested. BoA likely made a good portion of their money on raised CC intrest rates and fees. All of my customers and vendors say they could not even get any money from the banks. The bailout money should have gone to business firms that actually make stuff and hire people.
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