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Thread: Ben Nelson

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianW View Post
    Beat on Bush all you like, you can't change the fact that the past is the PAST and nothing can be done about it.
    The only thing we have any hope of changing is the future.

    The Democrats are the party of the "working man"?
    Puh-lease !!
    Both are the party of Goldman Sachs and the rich who just keep getting richer.
    Under Bush/TS Paulson & TARP GS made billions that was funneled directly from AIG with with the direct intervention of former Fed Reserve Bank of NY, now TS Tim Geithner.
    Under BHO/Crap & Tax, GS stands to make trillions off of the new carbon trading market along with Jeffrey Immelt from GE , AL Gore and the rest while every one of "the working man's" power/heating rates skyrocket.
    Under health care "reform", Big Pharma stands to makes billion, if not more, through the barring of price negotiations and banning of imported drugs, while "the working man" will be forced to pay more for a health care plan than it's worth.
    Under amnesty and immigration reform, this country will be flooded with new workers more than willing to work for min wage, thus driving down "the working man's" wage vs tax ratio even more and making it even harder to get/keep a job in the first place.

    Forgive me while this working man pukes from the stench of the bull$&^! being spewed from PBO & the choir.

    Brian of all the posts I have read you are the ONLY one that makes any sense..evereyone on here is so quick to argue in typical partisan fashion, but you at least understand that is about greed, corruption, and special is not a Republican or Democrat problem alone..and the stereotype that one party stands for this group or that is the biggest load of crap that we are being sold...our politicians sell out to the highest bidder, its up to the VOTING PUBLIC to remove all the offenders,one office at a time
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    Quote Originally Posted by lanse brown View Post
    A few things that I learned still ring true. "Lanse when you get a gift, say thank you and walk away. When you get a screwing walk away. You are going to get a lot more screwings than gifts"

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    [QUOTE=YardleyLabs;539085][quote=M&K's Retrievers;539067]
    FWIW, more than 40% of the deficit is money that has been borrowed from various trust funds including social security.

    I thought Social Security was supposed to be in a "Lock Box" Thankfully it is not and has been shrewdly invested in US government debt.

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